Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Song Per Week #01 - Venus

Name: Venus
Type: Original
Genre: Electro House / Chiptune
Production Time: ~2 years, in short bursts and with small changes every month or so

I kicked off the year with this rather old song of mine from the unfinished projects folder. I believe I sat down one afternoon intending to write some dark, atmospheric minimal house, but instead of eeriness I came up with this bright melodic sequence. Regardless, the name of the track remained 'ambient minimal stuff' the whole time. The name Venus was a last minute title inspired by Y.V. and surfing through the atmosphere of another planet


I can put my finger on two things, namely Feed Me and his awesome electro house tracks and amazing synth solos, and then I think Dubmood - Transregional Des Pyrenees was the main influence for the chip goodness and breakdown.


  • Renoise
  • Charlatan (v1.2 for the beeps and boops, making heavy use of ring modulation, however the ringmod has been changed since, so newer versions of the synth can't make those exact sounds)
  • Prodigious Synthesizer (for the delicious analogue-sounding chords)
  • Ohmygod! (for the delicious analogue-sounding filter on some chords which start at 1:13)
  • The bass is an excited Charlatan instance with Rez layered over in some parts e.g. the outro
  • TAL-Reverb-2 as always :)